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Rat Plate

12"/2 way Monitor (Built ~1979)


These monitors were the very first cabinets Rat ever built.  Here we learned cabinet construction techniques and had a hands on experience with the relatively poor sound quality that was amazingly considered "acceptable."  Originally they were loaded with a Gauss 12" and a JBL 1" on a "Potato Masher" horn, a very conventional wedge for the time.  Our poverty level and the cost of replacement diaphragms inspired a switch to the dual piezo setup shown. It was all about 2 of these things as main PA doing backyard parties for $30 and some free beer after work.  A cassette deck and a "Y" cord served as a two input mixer with recording capabilities.  A major problem was that the PA would shut off when the tape ended :).  Early visions of somehow finding a way to spend our lives doing something we truly enjoy began, and the dream never faded.


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