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Rat Plate

The Evolution of the Rat System



Over the past 18 years, Rat Sound has been relentlessly working towards the goal of developing the ultimate live reinforcement system.  The following pages present a brief history of how their unique designs have evolved.

The first 10 years of Rat Sound's existence was in essence an aggressive research and design experiment into live reinforcement.  Nearly every year, they envisioned, built and utilized a completely new and innovative system.  The technical background of Rat's founders and experience in military testing methods has positioned them to maintain a clear vision and a flexibility that is unequaled in the industry.  The industry has now just begun to focus on designing the optimum, compact, Hi-Fi enclosure with the flexibility and coverage required in the vast array of acoustical environments. The Rat Trap 5 is a fully matured and proven, ultra hi fidelity compact system of tomorrow, today.

Reviews and Comments on The Rat System
Rat Sound started from the absolute ground zero point.  No financial backing and no preconceived perceptions of the ways things "are supposed to be." Their slow and careful growth assured that no detail would be overlooked. In each new design there is a goal of testing the implementation of a theory, improving upon the current design and creating a new and innovative tool.

So check out the following pages and discover how a backyard PA came to be an international touring company.


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