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Rat Plate

  • Hi-fi - Rat's proprietary cabinet designs result in a compact, hi volume, hi-fi system that requires very little EQ and is available with analog drive or digital processor. The system 5 has an overall frequency response of 30-22khz and measures 40-16khz +/- 2db with no EQ.
  • Loud - The system 5 hipack contains 6 components (2-15", 2-10", 1- 2", 1- 1") and handles over 4200 watts. Large power amps and precision protection on all x-over outputs, permit these direct radiating cabinets to realize horn loaded volume levels while maintaining a studio monitor fidelity.
  • Compact - The 9.5 cu. ft. Rat Trap 5 packs up to 60 cabinets in less than 10' of a semi trailer. An entire arena system capable of covering 6000+ capacity venues, occupies 24 feet of a semi trailer.
  • Low Weight - All speaker cabinets are under 220 Lbs. The system sets up and comes down with a minimal amount of stage hands.
  • Triamped Monitor System - Our triamped monitor rigs provide high quality sound at high SPL with a minimum of EQ. The wedges are extremely low profile, compact, very loud, and extremely flat.
  • Fast and Reliable- Everything is multipin with custom designed and built snaking and cabling systems. Typical setup time is 2 hours and 1 hour to load out.
  • Safe and Versatile Flying System - Four 11" sections of Aeroquip track are bolted by 80 hardened screws and aircraft nuts to 2 internal cold rolled steel trapezoids. Each cabinet hangs from the cabinet above by 2 link straps plus an additional all steel safety system. Any 2 fly points in the array can fail and the entire system stay in the air and maintains its relative shape and coverage! Angle and splay are determined by the attachment point. Up to 8 boxes hang from a single one ton motor point.
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