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Rat News April 1999

Lots of new info and a new look to the Web Site.  Evolution of the Rat System is not finished yet but you may find it interesting how we researched and tested our designs over the past 19 years.  Also, there is a new graphic there of a Rat running on a wheel. We have taken delivery on a V-Dosc system.

Our goal is to offer simple turnkey sound systems that sound amazing from the moment you turn them on, consistently from venue to venue, while simultaneously providing engineers the option to go deeper into system control and tailor the it perfectly to their unique sonic requirements. Up until recently, our focus had been to offer systems with the utmost control and flexibility while maintaining unequaled sound quality. So the slight shift in direction is really to make our systems easier to use while making no sonic sacrifices (except financial, of course).

Rat Sound will now be offering the option of digital or analog drive electronics in our systems.  The digital control offers programmable system presets while the analog control is sonically cleaner. Both control packages have programmable system EQ, and a wide variety of configurations. Engineers can now choose the configuration that best meets their demands while maintaining all the unique Rat Sound innovations. Here are a few examples:

  • Full Range stereo 5 way
  • Subs on a mono auxilary send + stereo 4 way
  • Subs on a stereo auxilary send + stereo 4 way
  • Tweets on a stereo auxilary send + stereo 4 way
  • Subs and tweets on stereo or mono auxilary sends + stereo 3 way
  • 4 quadrant control (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right)
  • 6 quadrant control (upper left, middle left, lower left, upper right, middle right, lower right)
  • 4 quadrant plus stereo rear fills
  • Left, center, right + rear left and right + subs (5.1 surround)
If you are curious about the download statistics of the Rat Web Page there is a secret link on the top left sticker on the "Swag" page.  It will open a file with all kinds of info ranging from the domain names accessing it to the megabytes downloaded by date. If you are an engineer, TM, RM, or tech and you would like us to list a link to your resume or web page, we would love to add you to our "links" page.  Currently we have one person and he is already getting calls for work.  E-mail me your name, URL, and what kind of work you do and I will post it.

Also if you are a manufacturer or other audio/music related company please e-mail me your info and if it applies I will add a link to your site.

We are working on posting tour dates of shows done with a Rat System. These will be linked to the associated bands on the Tours Page.

Looks like the Rat Gadgets tester will be released at the NSCA show.  Audio Control is manufacturing it under the name "Rat Sniffer".

Comments are great! So if you have any, please send them our way.  How is the speed of the web pages loading? Want more info on stuff? More technical? Have you been to shows we have done? How did it sound?

Dave Rat

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