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Day 2 at Coachella, Main Stage:

The stage roof is up and the speakers are flown.

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Main Pa System:

2 x Main Pa Clusters Each w/:
15 x L'Acoustics Vdosc
3 x L'Acoustics dV-Dosc

2 x Side Clusters Each w/:
6 x L'Acoustics Vdosc
3 x L'Acoustics dV-Dosc

48 x Rat Dual 18" Subwoofer
8 x L'Acoustics ARC (front Fill, etc) Crown MA5000 and Lab Gruppen FP6400

Delay Pa System:

2 x Clusters Each w/: 6 x dV-Dosc

FOH Control:

2 x Midas Heritage 3000 Consoles

2 x Effects Racks Each w/:
3 x Yamaha SPX990
1 x Lexicon PCM90 1 x TC D2 Delay
1 x Eventide H3000
1 x Summit DCL200 8 x DBX 160A
4 x Drawmer DS201
1 x BSS FCS 960 EQ

1 x Drive Rack w/:
6 x XTA DP226 w/ L'Acoustics Presets
1 x Midas XL88 Matrix Mixer

1 x Playback Rack w/:
1 x Sony CDP-D11 CD Player
1 x Panasonic SV3800 DAT
1 x Clearcom PSU

Monitor System:

2 x Midas Heritage 3000 Consoles

2 x Monitor EQ Racks Each w/:
5 x BSS FCS 960 EQ
1 x BSS DPR404
1 x BSS DPR504
1 x Yamaha SPX990

20 x Microwedge 12 Monitors
6 x L'Acoustic Arcs (Sidefill Tops)
4 x Rat Dual 15" Subwoofers (Sidefill Subs)
2 x Rat 3-Way Drumfill Top
2 x Rat Dual 16" Drumfill ub
6 x Biamp Mixes Amplification
8 x Triamp Mixes Amplification

2 x 52 Channel Snaking Systems
2 x Mic/Stand/Cable Package as Needed
2 x 200 Amp AC Distro Packages
All needed cabling, connections, etc

18 x CM 1 ton Hoists
4 x L'Acoustics Bumpers
2 x L'Acoustics dV-Dosc Bumpers
4 x dV-Down Kits

2 x Vd Dosc QVT Technicians/FOH Technicians
2 x Monitor Engineers
3 x Patching Technicians
1 x Audio Crew Chief

Tommy Rat stands on the Rat Trap 5 in the Gobi Tent.

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