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Rat Plate

Coachella Festival 2006

Day one of load in has gone pretty smoothly. Here we have some real time pics of the Rats at Coachella and the different stages!


Main Stage Delays

Main Stage uses L'Acoustics

Roz at FOH unpacking the gear from the evening before!

XTA processing at Main FOH

FOH World Console 1


Neil Shelton and Kevin McKenzie at FOH

FOH Racks

Rat Subs and V-Dosc
Jon, Brett and Matt
Alex our Patch guy

Jon problem solving

L'Acoustics . Note the tiny painted Rats on each one


The MicroWedges

We love Erin in Production

Mike and Sarah in the Gobi tent

Using the Turbo Aspect Rig in the Gobi

and the same for the Mohave Tent

Monitor World in the Mohave

Tommy LBC Grandpa and Steve
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