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Vans Warped Tour

This travelling USA and Canada festival sponsored by Vans had it's 13th birthday in 2007!

It features today's favorite punk rock bands travelling from a new city to city in the

USA and Canada each day. This year , 2007, includes Bad Religion, Bleed the Dream, Alkaline Trio

Pennywise and the Vandals to name just a few!.

Rat was honored to be the sound reinforcement provider once again .

The two main stages features both a Midas H3000 at FOH and a PM5D at Monitors.

Processing for FOH included at each:

8 x DBX160A, 1 x Symetrix 501, 1 x XTA DP428, 1 x BSS FCS960 and a DPR 404

1 x TC D2, 1 x Lexicon PCM80 and 2 x Yamaha SPX990.

Monitor world featured L'Acoustics ARCs, MicroWedges

Main PA featured L'Acoustics V-Dosc and Rat Dual 18" subs.

Lab Gruppen Amps powered everything.

Mics included a package of majority Shure SM, Beta and KSM series microphones.

Side stages featured Rat's proprietary Rat Trap 5's.

for 2005 Warped Tour click here.

Check out some of the pictures from last year below!!




Amps and gear shot


Bobby Cat





A much needed day off

K eith



Rat's Sara

Sharks !

Freshly Caught Shark

Shark Fishing

Shaun the Sense Fail tech

Rat's Steve.

The Gorge

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