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Re: Chili's @ Murrayfield. ATTN: Dave Rat

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Posted by Eja Cool8 on July 04, 2004 at 20:28:50:

In Reply to: Chili's @ Murrayfield. ATTN: Dave Rat posted by Iain Graham on June 14, 2004 at 18:00:36:

: Hey Dave, I'm assuming you were mixing FOH for the guys last night?

: I just wanted to ask whether you were running the subs and tweeters from auxes? Am I right in thinking I was hearing extra low end from the bass at times?

: Hope you enjoyed the gig. I sure as hell did! The England score filtering through the crowd was particularly good ;-).

: Cheers,

: Iain

Hi Dave, I'm one of the BBS Moderators on the Official RHCP site, and I was at the Murrayfield Gig. It pains me to say so, but the sound from where I was standing, about 40 feet behind your desk, to the right, was pretty awful for over 50% of the Gig. Anthony was almost inaudible for the first half of the Gig, ditto John's Guitar.

John's vocals when he did "I feel love", on the other hand, were spot on, beautiful :)

I realise, from a mere concert-goers perspective that outdoor shows can throw out PAs with temerature changes, etc. Hell, my HiFi sounds different depending on the room temperature, but I've seen many, many gigs in the past 22 years, in every kind of venue from a Pub/Club to a huge Stadium/Open Field, and the sound at Murrayfield wasn't satisfying to listen to for much of the Show, to the point of being unintelligible at times.

When it worked though, it was superb. The problem was, however, that it didn't seem to "work" a lot of the time, I'm sorry to say.

Please don't take this as a totally negative comment Dave, I don't intend it as such, I love RHCP live, and I hope you'll just take this as honest feedback.

The RHCP are as good as ever live, if not better, but I respectfully suggest that you need to tailor the PA to the venue more, for optimum results?

As I say, I'm not in any way trying to be insulting or to take the piss at all, this is constructive criticism in its best sense :)

Kind Regards,


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