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Day 264 - Feb 11 - Grammys

I can not say the Grammy's are fun. In my opinion doing them is more of a concession that it is made to appease a group of older out of touch music industry humans with a tremendous amount of power. Just the whole concept of declaring winners and losers harvested from the artists and musicians following their passion as if they were in some sort of absurd competition is just a twisted concept to start with.That said, there are some interesting aspects and the Gorillaz performance last year plus seeing the Police and Gnarls this year was enjoyable indeed. As far as all the pop stuff, well I guess I am 'pop show challenged' and all the flashy stuff and prerecorded tracks just bore me for the most part. I guess it is more of a movie watch that an musical connection to see the circus like synchro dance. Clearly I must be confused though as there are huge numbers of humans that just love the stuff.

So the Peppers win some awards, very cool. Country music reigns huge and with all the cowboys and wild west stuff blanketing modern America, of course. I admit that I am not a big country music fan, actually, not even an tiny country music fan with a few exceptions and though I have not spent time listening to the Dixie Chicks, I do love the fact that a new giant heap of recognition has been shoveled onto a politically outspoken group of artists that not long ago were boycotted by a bunch of simple minded idiots. Unfortunately though, while I do respect them for speaking their mind, I lost some of that respect when they back peddled after the uproar. Anyway, it looks like they are back on track and speaking through their music and ruffling feathers again.

**** A peek at The Grammy's ****

Well, if you are working the gig, here is what got allowed you to experience the body search and metal detectors -

Moving on and in and up and looking down from the press boxes to see a view of the Grammy's that never quite makes it to the TV when the lights were on and the room is empty we see many a things a hanging

Ooooh and what is that I see. Could it be an ATK version of a sub cannon, flown?

I wonder if it was inspired by the implementation I created for Peppers tour or perhaps a parallel thought process where natural and sensible concepts can not help but evolve. Either way, it is cool.

And while in and about observing multitudes of famous people that I rarely recognize, I did meet a different type of rock star of the political persuasion.

And pondering that further, I guess politician are just rappers that rock with no beats. Swirlers of words and magicians of persuasion they are and this one is known as Al Gore. It is very cool in that he is dedication his efforts toward curbing global deterioration issues. Eventually they let in the beautiful people, see them here, ooooh, they look like dots

Finally, a peek at the show from the seat I sat or actually stranded

The glad it's over and off to do another,

Dave Rat