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Day 381 - June 8th - Osaka, the Second Dome

Ok, though most people may find the next two photos boring at best, there are quite a few bloggery friends that should enjoy them enough to make up the difference. After many requests, not perfect shots but close enough if you look close, here is JF's pedal board for all you 6 stringers filled with curiosity.

I must admit though that though I have reluctantly and imperfectly acquiesced to providing a snapshot of JF's pedals, it is important to note that it is not the brand or mixture of tools that a carpenter uses, it is the timing, finesse and inspiration that create what is so desirable. For one who creates beautiful things, the tools are merely a convenience or preference. It is the images in the mind, made real by touch where the magic is born. All else is purely a facsimile.

Artist occur in all aspects of life and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Yoshi.

Yoshi is a master of repair of the human body. Strange as it may be to some and comfortable as it may be to others, Yoshi is fluent in the not so westernly accepted art of acupuncture and acupressure.

Have you ever seen those questionable hair club for men ads with before and after pictures? Or the highly doubtful loose weight with a shaky rubber band around the waist or eat all you want diet. Or even the much more believable breast implant or lip injection advertisements? Well, not being one to feel left out, I figure I may as well give my own version. Accept this one is neither an illusion nor based in personal beautification. Utilitarian at best. Speaking of beautiful, Robin is beautiful and thank you! OK, this is Dave pre-Yoshi

As you may notice, there is a bit of a sway perhaps? And post Yoshi

And I had been to a chiropractor and I had no desire to take the waste-of-time pain killers that a standard US hack doc would have prescribed, and given my schedule, physical therapy as the true solution, was not an immediate option. In less than an hour, I walk away with an ache rather than limp, awesome! Thank you Yoshi!!!

So speaking of unexpected discoveries, look what I found. Though I did not have a choice to find it as it was the only option. Check out the old school Japanese toilet, it's a squatter!

And while linking thoughts and thinking of old school, here is the real deal wasabi root and shark skin paddle used to make the paste the real way.

Possibly you ponder what is the difference between real wasabi and the faux wasabi we get state-side. What you seek is a sharp flavor, fast that fades quickly. Similar it tastes but more importantly it is fun to partake in the authenticity.

As far as the gig well, the Osakans rule, and the venue is a bit smaller but similar to the Tokyo Dome. All good!

Dave Rat