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Day 380 - June 11th - My Birthday.

Oh boy, I get to remember a new age I am. Next year I need to remember to use my birthday as an excuse to have BBQ or party but this year I am more concerned with catching up on bills, making some decisions and doing the tour break scramble. I am up at 6 am and hit the sack around 1 am last night as I will do for the next few day. Jet lag, delirium, kids, lunches and carpools and right now just making it through each day with a smile good enough. Thank you to everyone for all the Happy BD wishes and such and here is by far the most unique.\

The underlying story line is that a group of my bloggery friends from the Red Hot Chili Peppers fan club bought a pair of Rat Sound hot pants and have been shipping them all over the world, taking a picute with them, signing them and shipping them on. These things have been to at least three continents and may hold the world record for the most adventurous undies ever. Rumor has it that I will reunite with the traveling undergarment some time soon. I must admit it is really funny and fun.

Home. After exiting the plane, grabbing my bags, heading home and nearly two hours straight of deleting and quick responding to a few hundred emails, I was relieved to have just over 200 left.

Light at the end of the tunnel and hey, it's better than being neglected! Home sweet home, that comforting feeling of escaping to the blissful world of...

a construction site. But look! The insulation is blue, so very pretty and not by accident. I have been waiting and wanting for over a year now to use this stuff in a project and when my contractor, Woody (ha ha, a very fitting name) mentioned fiberglass, I requested he use this stuff instead. It meets or exceeds all the specs for fiberglass, it is fire, bug and mildew resistant, does not make you itch like fiberglass, does not shed glass fibers that make your lungs bleed, has better sound proofing qualities, is not a hazardous material like fiberglass and is a 100% recycled "green" product that looks like ground up blue jeans. Oh wait, it is ground up blue jeans!

Many cities have approved it as a building material and the only down side is that it is about 30% more cost wise but in the big picture of house building expenses it is still cheap, especially considering it's superior specs. What relevance does this have and why have I brought all this house remodel stuff into the blog? Finally, the moment I have been awaiting. This blue stuff is the cheap, readily available and non hazardous with excellent acoustic properties. Hmmmm, I wonder where it would work really well? Oh oh oh, I know! How about using it inside speaker cabinets for damping material? Perfect!

So to celebrate, how about we destroy something. Say bye bye fireplace. "Bye bye fireplace."

I love birthdays!

Dave Rat