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Bloggery Update

I know it has been a while and as much as posting has been a goal on my mind, the sheer process of rebuilding my post-tour life has been fully encompassing. That is not to say that I do not get to venture out and going down south a few hours to say hello to Muse crew was super cool.

Hanging with MC, Muse sound engineer. He mixes a great sound and he is doing some cool stuff. He, like myself, had some issues with diving into digital boards and and after testing the best of the best, went back to analog. Unlike me, he has a much more complex show to mix so he set up a midi controller footswitch tied into the console with all the song names and scene changes on it and can step through settings, not unlike a digital board.

One of the scenes:

And of course some Rat swag for all. Paul, their production manager made the best choice right off the bat!

Oh, and Muse is great music, a great show and all good.

**** Other Stuff of interest ****

This is a 1976 picture of a 20,000 watt home stereo sent to me by Craig O. Oh my, hit the link if you want to read more:

And check out this Saturday Night Live clip from when Foo Fighters were on SNL. So honored and how cool is it that Dave Grohl rocks the Rat Sweatshirt, and the video clip is really funny.

The playing catch up with a smile,

Dave Rat