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October 30th 2007 - Rolling Along

Well, how about an update on the way of world of being home. I went for a visit to say hello to the Foo Fighters and crew at their rehearsal prepping for the Europe tour. They are one of the greatest bands all the way around. They rock, they are all super cool people, they have fun and their music is awesome, all good.

They have a pretty cool tour setup planned out and if you have not seen Foo Fighters live, I highly recommend you do. Next stop for me is AFI. I am trying not to tour and steering clear of mixing shows as best I can to stay focused on other things but when the call comes in to cover a gig, and it is just three shows and not far away, well, I could not help but say yes. Rat has been supply sound gear to AFI for several years now and this was my first real chance to meet and get to know them a bit better and it was all good.

**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

Next stop in my travels is EAW for some more design work on the new MicroWedge.

Every single detail is addressed and I absolutely love it, it is a dream come true as I have always envisioned the way that the product should be and finally I am surrounded by an infrastructure that not only "gets it" but also has the capability of implementing it. The reflectivity and hardness and texture of the external coating, the exact round over radius of every edge, the shape, feel and depth of the handle. The center of gravity, grill material, mounting and coating. The switch placement, fly hardware, feet material, shape, logo design and dimensions. Oh, and the sound aspects are even more detailed. Tune, test, refine, repeat. Even after dialing in the optimum coax component frame, come and driver, it was time to address the speaker dome (dust cap), material and shape and cone coatings, glue thickness, the internal damping material type, thickness and mounting. Tune, test, refine, repeat. Exciting stuff and all the while I refer back to stable reference points so I do not get lost in the sonic direction headed. And I carry my notes and refer back to the overall concept of the Micro Series. Non-processor dependant designs that naturally sound good without electronic enhancement. Electronic processing then can be added to further optimize the designs. Though the Micro's do have passive crossovers in them, in both old and new Micro's, the biamp switch completely removes the passive crossover from the circuit and allows direct connection from the amp to the drivers.

Oh, and as I have been asked to many times here in bloggery world, I have been approached about maybe teaching a seminar on sound subjects. Actually I have been approached several times from various entities and when things settle down a bit more for me I plan on speaking at a few colleges that and sound schools, but most recently was one that is a bit more open format. So let me ask you all this, if I was to teach a sound seminar, is there anyone that would be interested in coming to a sound seminar and if so, what topics or concepts would you be interested in?

**** End Sound Nerd Speak ****

What else? Well, there was an article on sound humans blogging

If you are a subscriber to PLSN or FOH Magazine you can now vote for the awards.

Though the whole concept of awards shows does not sit too well with me. I always get this feeling that the same insiders just gather round to pat each other on the back once a year. Oh boy look! The same people won 10 years in a row again! Hurray! Yet I also know that when do actually vote, I often find that I am not that familiar with the various categories and contenders and there is a temptation to vote for the one I have heard of, hence and most likely the reason that the outcomes are typically less than exciting. All that said, I do like the exceptions to the rule and in a way, it makes it all the more enjoyable when an outsider to the "good ol' boys" takes the prize.

Anyway, I will be headed out to Florida for LDI. You know that saying, "what comes around, goes around?" Well, back 2005 I wrote an article for FOH Magazine and the trimmed version is up online at As the twists of the world would have it, EAW is going to be one of the stages at SoundHenge also know as ET Live. Oh jees. Not only did ET Live they quote my article to promote the event (yes, they did ask first) as fate would have it, guess who they asked to mix on their stage this year? Most importantly, check out my hair cut in the quote photo.

Clearly that of a seasoned professional businessman I am trying so hard to present.

So if any of y'all are there in Orlando, come say hello.

To leave you with a smile, here is a picture of my little Sammy holding her cat Holly wearing her Rat Sound pet shirt.

Rock on! and till next time in a week or so.

Dave Rat