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The Glory of Wrong

As a human I celebrate how sweet it is to be wrong. I must admit that after the election I felt a glee equal to the dread realizing that our future was Bush, not once but twice. If you are up for an eerie grin, take a look at this spookily prophetic tongue and cheek article published January 17th, 2001. The day Bush took office:

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'

Ah but then the earthy aspect of wondering how this regime change will effect me, my business and my world. I cringe as well as I believe that balance of power is fundamental to stability and ultimately happiness. Be it in a relationship, a company, a band or the houses of our government. The republicans in all three houses wreaked the havoc in which we now bask and democratic over-swing in the opposite direction concerns me as well. If only a happy medium could be found. But in the mean time, how about a visit to the happy medium of a Weezer show?

I have been so wrapped up and smothered in the business world of Rat Sound, I find myself forgetting and a trip to a rock show is refreshing. So much is going on. The economic crisis is crushing our credit lines, and launching us into defense mode. Good thing we have the experience of difficult times in our past help navigate.

I remember way back in Reagan era recession when economic issues washed through. I remember military expansion screeching into corporate downsizing and out of control interest rates and inflation. I remember the collapse of huge 70's rock tours and the counter-bloom of punk rock rebellion gaining traction and in turn becoming the tide which carried Rat Sound to new heights. Like the greenery upon the hills after a fire. The strong and positive will survive. In the mean time, much work is to be done to insure a positive outcome. And speaking of tides, this is what a short wander from my front door looked like right before I dived in to the chilly waters of Oxnard Shores with a smile and a surfboard:

I guess it is all just a matter of perspective,

Dave Rat