Ok, this can’t be right, or can it?

Ok, this can’t be right, or can it? The article states Trump lost nearly a billion dollars in 2005, fair enough, so he lost more money in 2005 than the total GDP of Los Angeles, long Beach and Santa Ana combined earned for 2014 https://goo.gl/OeZiZA

But it also says the total net business losses claimed for the entire country were 49 billion in 2005. Am I reading that Trump single handedly claimed 2% of all the business losses of the entire country in 2005? There is a link in the article to the IRS data that the facts were derived from, I tried to read it but it’s 3 am in Barcelona right now and the document is too lengthy to decipher on on a cell phone screen. 2% of all business loses by the corporations controlled by one human? The magnitude of this if true is beyond comprehension. Well, we all have a few little whoopsies in our lives but he does claim to be real good at winning, More! Something tells me these tax returns are going to be fascinating if we ever get to read them. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/what-irs-data-shows-about-how-far-trump-pushed-tax-n658291#pt0-631096
by Dave Rat

October 02, 2016 at 06:58PM
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