Are the masses stupid?

Are the masses stupid? I think a significant percentage of the masses regularly base decisions on emotion, hatred, bias and beliefs that continuously have results that are the opposite of beneficial to healthy, happy, compassionate and the betterment of the world we live in. To want more and chose a path resulting in less while there are thousands of years of history available showing the outcome prior to the endeavor, that to me is stupid. To ignore the fact that when you oppress and unfairly treat a group of peoples they will forever battle to undermine the oppressors, that is stupid. To turn a blind eye to the fact that inflicting hate breeds hate and an action of aggression resonates for years or centuries into the future. That problems are not solved by building walls around the symptoms. Look at China, Berlin, Palestine, and N Korea to see past, present and future versions of walls that have and will fail. To overlook that the feudal system is a natural tendency of the masses and government structures are an attempt to prevent a privileged few assholes from taking all the wealth and enslaving the rest. Our government is an attempt to diversify power and guide the country with wisdom and balance yet the masses ignore wisdom and balance and flock directly toward dishonesty, greed and those most power hungry. The masses don’t think, they switch blindly to mob-mentality seeking a leader to guide them into a bloody clash if all is peaceful and out of the ashes once all is destroyed. The masses want to be led, as the concept of cooperative individuality is beyond comprehension. The masses are stupid. Predictable, but stupid. Intelligence, wisdom and compassion are traits that tend to radiate from individuals and if enough individuals embrace these traits, cooperation towards common positive productive goals becomes the future.
by Dave Rat

October 05, 2016 at 01:48AM
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Author: Dave Rat

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