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Rat Plate

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Weezer, Bauhaus and Coldplay on the Main stage...
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Gobi tent from outside, you can just see the flown Renkes clusters.

Looks Loud! One of the many cool things they will fire up throughout the day.

Dave Rat and GoldenVoice founder, Gary.

Matt, Rat Mon tech, while off from Queens on the Stone Age, Main Stage

Kevin, Weezer Mon Eng and friend o the Rats!

George, Mon Tech'ing, Main Stage while on break from REM Mons.

George, a long time Rat

Brett rules! We are honored that he comes and joins us each year!

Dan Hadley, Weezer LD

Outdoor Theater Stage

Great freind, Craig O, Weezer FOH

Ronnie Kimbal, WiFi at FOH is awsome!



Cool Stuff in the Field

Toby Wright is working with Dave Rat on optimizing sonic overlap between the 5 stages , and takes a pic.


Mikey, LD, Sahara Tent


Wiley - Sahara Tent Production Mgr

Kevan and Carrie from Goldenvoice

Kevan, master orchestrator!

Thermo Cracker, LOUD fire maker

Wiley gets the cool Laker Golf Cart

Nemo - Monitors Mohave on a PM4KM

Misting Tent


People that will be eaten by machines

Main Stage fills up

Hello Humans!

Gobi Tent with Renkus System

Daniella collecting the weekend's passes

Chris, Production Mgr, Gobi

The doors open
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