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A look back at Coachella - plus more to come


Today some pictures from the main stage. The Turbosound rig and the Renkus Heinz rig went up easily in the two tents. The band engineers start to arrive for sound checks on the main stage.

Main stage includes V-dosc on left and right, Arc's for in-fills and 24 subs ground stacked per side.

Console duties handed to a Midas Heritage FOH and Monitors.

Lake processors, Crown amps, Delays with dV subs with xta processors and crown amps. 2 hangs aside.

Turbosound's 120dB C at the mixer


Main Stage Patch Alex

Rat's Daniella and Erin from Coachella production

Danny and Dave tune the system in the Mohave

The Gobi Tent

The Outdoor Theatre (2nd Stage)

The Sahara Dance Tent

Main Stage

Dave Rat and the Sound Ambulance

Nemo and Jon!

Doc in the Sahara Tent


Input lists from all the bands fromt he Main stage

Carrie from Coachella in Rat Apparel wear!

The Main stage

Mohave Tent

Ronnie Kimbel is one of the FOH Rat Techs

Jon, Alex, Brett and Eric discuss the days events.

FOH gear, Main Stage

Crown Amps for Main stage

The compact delay towers include:
2 dV subs, 6 dVs with XTA processors and crown amps.

FOH Main stage Gear

KT DN 360

View across the grounds from main stage to other tents


Rat L Wedges, Main Stage

Main Stage Video

FOH Riser.
What a change from yesterday

FOH main stage Effx and stuff.

FOH Processing

Main Stage...

Tommorrow the grass will be filled with bodies

View from Main stage FOH riser
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