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Re: Subs & HF on Aux

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Posted by Kevin Reimer on March 02, 2004 at 16:54:50:

In Reply to: Re: Subs & HF on Aux posted by rodman on March 02, 2004 at 12:00:53:

I pondered this more last night and I think a mono config would work on the subs at least. I would use the AUX5 to the x-over and then Y-cable the single output to my amp. I'm also utilizing your pin-flip configuration to get more power out of the amp. So, if I flip the pins on the Y-cable to the second channel on the amp this would work well. If I mentioned that yesterday that probably would've helped the answers a little more. (sorry, forgot some details) As far as the HF on an AUX I might cut that out. Although I would think the Y-cable config would work as well. Obviously there wouldn't be any stereo imaging controls on the hi-hat and such, but I'm not overly worried about that in a 400 person max club. The instruments I would send to the HF wouldn't necessarily be panned anyways. I think changing my focus on a specific x-over helped eliminate some of the problem as well.

Dave, you have me curious again. Do you run both HF on an Aux or just one? I think you have the 2" set down to 900hz from previous reading, but I could be wrong. Also, do you use one crossover per side and split the venue in half(with the RAT5 system not arrays) or do you stereo image the low and mid with one crossover and then pull some other tricks out of your sleeve for the HF and Subs? Maybe I should buy a ticket to a show RAT is covering and pester the hell out of the sound crew. I'm sure they'd love it. I know I do . . . ha-ha

: I use a driverack 241 and I think you could run two inputs in and have 4 outputs. You can cross or divide frequencies as needed.

: : : Hey Dave/Anyone:

: : : I am looking to re-route a sound system with subs on aux 5 and HF on Aux6. I am thinking of getting another 3-way crossover and setting my bottom cutoff around 100Hz and then setting my upper limits in the 5K range. For cost reasons I wanted to get this accomplished through one crossover. The problem is that the crossover is meant for stereo signals and I would be sending two mono sends with different signals. I don't think this would work. Obviously I'm trying to keep the cost down and amount of rack gear as well. What would you recommend here? Maybe I'm just looking at it the wrong way. Is there a piece of equipment that would handle this that you know of?

: : Hmmm, the stereo 3 way should work but tweets on an aux may need a more sophisticated setup to be benificial. In our systems we run the 2" all the out to 20K and then have our 1" tweets run from 8K out to 20K. Time alignment is important and it is important the the system sounds balanced and close to normal with the tweets off.

: : Dave Rat

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