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Re: Subs & HF on Aux

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Posted by Dave Rat on March 02, 2004 at 23:23:31:

In Reply to: Re: Subs & HF on Aux posted by Kevin Reimer on March 02, 2004 at 16:54:50:

OK, I will try and do a complete Tweet/Sub aux send run down!

The config of the Rat Trap 5 System when set to subs and tweets on an aux is as follows:

Think of the main system L and R as a stereo 3 way system consisting of the 15"/10"/2".

The x-over points are approximately 200hz and 900hz

The 2" run all the way out to 20K (or at least are fed those frequencies) and there is some EQ to add some HF to them. Just like a many systems out there.

The 1" Tweets are run from a stereo aux send and come in around 8k to 12K, I say 'around' because it is not a clear cut x-over point.

The subs are run off of a mono aux send and run from 80hz to 60hz on down. (The point is variable)

The logic behind using the system in this config is:

Tweets and subs are "special" frequencies that need special attention. By using the 'cant get there from here' method, only instruments that you choose can actually be reproduced by the tweets and subs. Typically there is no reason to have 50hz reproduced from a guitar mic, snare, vocal or HH, it is just stage rumble and wind noise for the most part on those instruments. Likewise, the top of the 2" is more than adequate to reproduce the HF of a tom, kick, guitar etc. The 'delicate and finesseful tweeters' can then utilize all there energy to add sibilance to lead vocal, HH, OH's and anything else that needs extra 'air.' Buy not letting all the background stage 'Rizz' into the tweets from every open mic, it improves stereo imaging and sounds clearer.

Additionally, having all the tweets on a master fader pair or VCA allows you to easily drop the tweets during louder "rock" songs and boost the tweets during softer "hi-fi" songs.

OK, let me know if that answers your questions.

Dave Rat

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