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Day 15 - June 7 Paris Day off - Clean

I wore my last clean pair of socks and t-shirt yesterday, either need to do laundry or buy new clothes. Grier, Scott and I run into Joni (dressing room assist to Lyssa) at the laundromat. It can be a bit of an adventure to do laundry on tour and usually I just drop it off with production and they send it to a fluff and fold on a gig day. It comes back either all good or some form of bad. There have been a few times where whomever did the laundry mixed all the crew clothes together and we end up sorting through a big pile to find our stuff. Other times it comes back 1/2 wet, pink or just does not come back at all. But I still usually take the risk.

Today though, is nice out and hanging with some friends for coffee and a wash will be a relaxing adventure.

PIN messages come through, John Fruciante (guitar player, JF from now on) and Chad want some show tapes, most likely to pull European B sides from. Will line that up tomorrow. The process is that I supply them rough mixes, they pick songs and then Nick the Fly and I will copy over the Pro Tools recordings of those shows to a hard drive and give it to production to ship it back to LA for mixing by Andrew.

Back in Barcelona I could not help but buy the ultimate soundman shoes

And up to about $20 US a day I am fine with buying highspeed internet, at $23 Euro ($30 US a day) I felt the desire to rebel. I was able to construct an antenna from a gold foil coated lamp shade and my USB wi-fi unit. I found the focal point and scanned around till I found an open network and blammo! Free internet!

Have not talked to Chris but through the grapevine (Dave Lee) I hear that he is in good spirits, though it will be a while befeore we get him back with us. I was very happy to hear that the band is totally taking care of him, covering all medical and keeping him on salary. It reminds me of why I am here and how truly wonderful the people I am with are. Please teleport positive thoughts and energy in Chris' direction.

Dave Rat