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Day 38 - Show Day - Ipswitch, UK

June 30-

Day 38 - Show Day - Ipswitch, UK

**** Roadie Research Segment ****

Look! A Roadie bathing area, in places such as these roadies have been known to congregate and wash their fur. Unfortunately, this bathing area is uninhabited at the current time, it is very difficult and requires much stealth to photograph a Roadie during the washing ritual.

Roadies are a highly migratory species and have been know to travel upwards of 365 days a year. While on the subject of the Roadie habitat, I will share some pics of the inside of a mobile Roadie nesting ground. Do not confuse this with the Roadie mating grounds. Legend has it that Roadies are capable of performing the mating ritual practically anywhere at any time!

This is the entry way into the mobile nest also known as a "tour bus." Roadies have a highly evolved distribution of tasks to maintain the colony, here you can see where the Roadie in charge of the mobile nest resides while moving the colony.

As we travel deeper into the the nesting grounds we can observe the multitude of intricacies involved in their feeding habits and resting. Just to our right and out of view is a luminescent rectangle that roadies have been know to observe for hours, in Roadie dialect, this is known as a "TeeVee." Also of note is the area a bit farther back that is an area not too dissimilar to a hive where sleep in small cells, deemed "bunks" in Roadie speak.

Here is the individual hive unit where I reside:

As we step yet deeper into the Roadie domain we enter the ominous "Back Lounge." Rarely seen but outsiders, this has been rumored to double as a Roadie mating ground, and look! There, a reflection of yet another "TeeVee!":

**** End Roadie Research Segment ****

Ipswitch empty gig, notice Roadie "Rusty" clearly scurrying toward food or away from danger.

Turning around we see a few Roadies in the distance near the Monoliths known as delay clusters, these possibly are worship icons but I am not sure..

Signing off!