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Day 16 - Paris Show Day - Familiarity

Bercy (pronounced - Bear-See) is the venue in Paris with grass on the sides, been here many times.

And blammo! The moment I walk in , there it is!

**** Issue of the Day - The Pods ****

Hmmm, I wonder what is wrong with this picture? Lets see, Pods move up and down, Pods have plastic sheet around them, Pods infront of PA.

I instantly PIN'ed Grier, he informs me that I should stop crying. And after getting him all riled up, we laugh and he agrees to gonna keep them flown out and we worked on a more permanant solution for the next gig load in. OK, issue gone, all good.

Bercy inside is a big and kind of cool room

Today we are in the home town of L'Acoustics (makers of the V-Dosc speakers I use for the main PA). A couple of V-Humans came down. Arranged to head out to L'Acoustics with Nick and Lee in the AM. They are quite interested in the PA config we have out with us. I was hoping I would get factory support on the setup. L'Acoustics is very adamant about V-Dosc companies maintaining a high level of consistency. They also don't like companies setting up the rigs in less than optimum arrangements. Turns out the official response was "We have been waiting for someone to do what you are doing!" Awesome!

They also did some subwoofer modeling on the "sub canon' setup I came up with. I promise I will get into the layout soon for those of you interested.

The show went well but I mixed a louder that I was happy with. Once I got up there in volume I had a hard time coming back down without losing show momentum. Note to self - start a bit lower so I have somewhere to go.

Dave Rat