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Day 225 - Jan 3 - Home

Ok, I know I have been blog slacking, Oh the pleasures of being home! But I promise you'll are not forgotten so

Here I come with some filler to hopefully keep you satisfied.

First, if you are reading the blog on MySpace and you want to navigate around a bit, try going to it on the Rat Sound Site where there is categories and it is way easier to get a round and also there is a navigator page

If you are reading on MySpace or the Rat Site and you have a myspace account and want to be auto notified of new posts, try this link - myspace auto-notify.

And all that web flurry mumbo jumbo aside, I have been getting many emails curious as to when I will resume and all good! It makes me really truly happy that I have so many friends that enjoy the adventures and I promise to have many a surprise still to come! On a side note, this may be worth a gander as I did a bit professional reviewing Dave Rat style a while back at a few trade shows (read " Dave Rat is giving us some filler because he is stalling")

NAMM Awards

NSCA Awards

The quite honored,

Dave Rat