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Day 284 - March 3 - Champaign, Il

Good morning! So on our day off a few days back in Des Moines, we went on a roadie adventure called bowling as world saturated in outdoor ice inspired us to have an indoor group field trip. Here you can see a us roadies piled into a hotel shuttle

Where we headed toward the fierce competition of the lanes

to roll and bowl

Followed by a most fun adventure with our dreamy Des Moines, Ashley, Heather and Katie and joining Salim, Scott and I for blizzardy hike to a closed bar. But wait, like light in the darkness (literally) we found the curious place called The Blazing Saddle filled with fun and friendly people having way too much fun. Instantly, Scott joins in as he was filled with exuberance and joins in the gaiety of the festivities

OK, off to go see what's inside the world called gig,

Dave Rat