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Day 294 - March 13 - Travel Home

Fly me home, home by noon.

The sensation of returning to my empty home is a comforting re balance and reminiscent of standing on solid ground after spending weeks being tossed around on an ocean boating adventure. All I want to take out things from drawers, go shopping for food and cook things and fix things and start projects and hop in my bed and compute and listen to music and go find my short people, not necessarily in that order. Well, instead, I will bask in the fun of laundry time, which I actually don't mind except for the folding part, and some life re-assembling. Today regroup, tomorrow off to the Rat Sound shop for a quick catch up then off to see the little people, next day I am going to search for a place to live closer to the Rat world and then friday, well, how about popping over to Japan for a bit?

As I contemplate my other life of motion while stationary the idea comes to mind of combining a few photos. Putting


to end up with some cute little ear pluggers

Enough mucking about I got stuff to do like practicing sitting in uncomfortable positions for hours on end so I will be fully in shape for some marathon plane riding.

Dave Rat