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Day 74 - Fly to Chicago - Lollapalooza

**** Begin Old Roadie Stories ****

Last time my destination was a Lollapalooza was maybe 1996 or 1997? Whatever, it was the one Metallica headlined. I was mixing Rage Against the Machine and we were a guest act for some shows back east. I remember there was some crap going on where a bass tech for a well know band on the tour(not Rage) had some racist "white power" stickers on his workbox. I also remember some of the non-white touring security staff being less than excited about the stickers. And I recall a rather heart warming story about a certain individual being 'inadvertently surrounded' after a show by several of the security staff in a community shower area while he was naked. I guess by some strange coincidence. Well, what better time to have a little discussion with the person they referred to as "Little Mushroom Cap" about his sticker collection. Oh, and mixing Rage Against the Machine was like having a sound-octopus stuck to your face while getting run over by a tank. And as fun and intense as it was, I honestly do not miss the sonic abuse, glad I did it and glad I don't anymore.

Previous to that for me was Lollapalooza '94. I mixed L7 for the first half of the tour before my good friend Deanne, who also mixed the Breeders, took over for me so I could go mix another band somewhere. Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, that was good times and great people!

And of course there was the '92 Lolla with the Peppers, fire helmets and the giant mechanical hypnotic wheel as the stage set. My first real festival tour and one of the most memorable tours I have ever done. That is where I mastered the art of borrowing golf carts. Eight seconds from access to driving away. But those mischievous days are over because now I am a perfect angel and never do anything wrong!

In 1991 I went to see Lolla when it came through Los Angeles. To me it was a turning point. Music that I considered to be good was actually popular on a large scale and not shoved off to the side to make room for more record company designed prefab rehash bands. Unbelievable! A bunch of post punk/alternative music club bands get together and sell out amphitheaters. I had engineered live sound for Janes Addiction early on when they were playing clubs and turned down touring the "Janes Says" tour, instead choosing to stay in LA and continue pressing forward with our struggling sound company business. Now seeing them on a huge stage was jaw dropping. In a world of soda pop, candy bars and fast food hamburgers, I had never dreamed that music I loved and worked with would ever actually get popular.

**** End Old Roadie Tale ****

Off to Chicago,

The Fairly Old Dave Rat