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Days 75 - Chicago - Lollapalooza

Acclimating to the comforts of my new home for the day:

Festival day and did a bit of cruising around and the Shins were cool to watch. I caught part of Reverend Horton Heat's set and I had forgotten how much I enjoy seeing them. Queens of the Stone Age are old friends and always great to see:

And surprise surprise, I can not believe it but there they are, the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

I must say that I expected to be let down a bit by the festival. Even though it does not have the crazy circus feel that was so prevalent in the touring version, Lolla was well laid out festival in an awesome place and lots of good bands. Top that off with the fact that Chicago is such a cool place to begin with and I was much happier to be there than I thought I would be.

As far as the PA system, well, it was alright, I miss the real but it met the key requirement of "good enough."

The somewhat weary

Dave Rat