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Day 96 - Aug 27 - Fresno Show Day

With the carpet store open, Scott and I could hardly contain our excitement as we carefully selected our floor covering. Scott showing buyers remorse:

PJ PA System, Boston

If you look carefully on his bag you can spot the yellow plastic blow gun. Unfortunately the carpet was neither comfy nor popular as roadies Scott and Monte Lee Wilkes are demonstrating here:

PJ PA System, Boston

We had informed Nick the Fly of or purchases and he clearly does not show up under-prepared.

PJ PA System, Boston

Of special note, you may not realize it but this photo was taken at front of house and not in a forest during autumn. Those shrubbery like leaves are actually camouflaging the high tech equipment.

Let that games begin and so they did. The ruthless battle saw no quarter as foam darts filled the arena skies deep into the night for several yards surrounding. Though all FOH roadies were fair game for the hunt, soon we followed the lead of roadie Scott. Turning our weapons of war upon the punters, valiantly and ruthlessly shoot audience members in the back whom dare to stand betwixt us and the band. Effectively the mysterious thump to their hind sides inspired those blocking our view to forfeit their stance upon thy chair and return to the earthly level. From this we derived much pleasure.

The wounded but surviving,

Dave Rat