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Day 84 - Show Day Boise

Wow! The unfriendly item that visually resembles a bed located in my hotel room really makes me miss my bus bunk. I am not sure if it is the sandpaper sheets, spring board pillows or just the fact that the bed is so unusually short giving the short sheeted feeling which I most appreciate. At least all those other things distract from the similarity between whatever is located where the mattress belongs and with the comfort level of cardboard.

Off to the gig and Hey Look!

Trucks and busses all over the place, I wonder what's going on? Oh boy, I hope there is going to be a rock show, I love rock shows!

I have been meaning to post this pic or one like it. For some reason, I think it is so cool how cell phones have evolved and become the preferred modern day method of the audience doing the slow song 'lighter' illumination:

There is just something magical about using a cell phone as a modern day emotional candle.

Today's show featured special guests The Mars Volta:

Surprisingly followed by The Red Hot Chili Peppers for a change:

That's it for today, Hey, what are y'all doing tomorrow? Want to go to Salt Lake City?

Until then,

The very mobile,

Dave Rat