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Day 198 - Vienna Show 2

**** Observational Opinion ****

Most people envision roadies to be mono dimensional, hairy, butt pack wearing, gruff, crude, horny, hard drinking land sailors with a pile of backstage passes around their neck. While this version of roadie truly does exist, they only make up one segment of the modern day roadie population. There seem to be three basic roadie roadie types; the hotel room clingers, the bar hoppers and the city explorers.

The hotel room clingers tend to do a lot of phone time with loved ones, rock the TV or hotel stereo or book read world. These are the roadies that bring their home world on the road.

The bar hoppers tend to spend most of their free time exploring the various layouts of drinking establishments and doing price analysis of beverages throughout the world. These roadies live on the road in the liquid state fully immersed in the sub currents of the cities they travel.

The explorers are the roadies who sacrifice late nights with friends for early morning of wandering in new places. They look at the topside of the places they travel. Photo's and stories that rival vacations.

The well balanced roadie can do all three and be trapped by none.

**** End Observational Opinion ****

Good morning again, for a change, Scott and I are going for a wander

Here is Scott's cool art item of the day;

Chairs and table that form a rocket? Awesome! And the unusual is both created intentionally and by accident

Which brings us to another amazing stop on the Dave Rat and Lampi Scott's European Adventure

**** Halloween Video Special ****

**** End Halloween Video Special ****

And now, off to do another rock show.

The being all three roadie types,

Dave Rat