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Day 204 - Fly Home

Burning eyes and stumbley toe stubbing confusion. Find shower, stay awake, no mini cheater naps that pretend to be helpful. Hey, look at the little teddy and a quick pic of cute little friend I will leave behind, I will name it Jojo, bye bye Jojo!

Did you know this hotel is owned by Abba? Got to go, no time for distractions. Four bags and and only two human arms leaves me shuttling multiple trips. I have long since learned that trying to get a bell hop to pick up bags when two or three dozen roadies are simultaneously checking out, is a pipe dream. So, all bags into hall, bring two to the elevator and push the down button. Get the other two bags and arrive in time to watch elevator leave without me. Repeat the process ito and out of the elevator and again to the lobby and yet again to the bus parked a block away.

Well, at least it is crazy cold out and I packed my jacket up in the big bag and why is there a haunted lady face on the bus door? Ooooh, I hope I brought most of my stuff from the room, oh well.

It is time to reframed my mind for the other world I live in but in the mean time I get to fly to London. Hey look, it's the Concorde supersonic jet. Did you know that the Concorde actually got longer when traveling at top speed? Turns out that it flew so fast that even though the outside temperature would be at -60 C, the friction of the air would heat the plane to +120 C. This temperature change was so great that it actually expanded the plane and it got a foot longer when flying. Wow, a bit of friction makes it 12 inches longer!! Well, this one's days of get hot and long are over as they are for the rest of the manly but grounded fleet.

I am not a big fan of long goodbye's and so the four hour layover in at London's luxurious Heathrow cattle ranch were a bit less than thrilling. Goodbye already, love ya, miss ya, well actually I don't really love London, it's more of a casual relationship we have. Boy is she an expensive date though! I could not afford to love her if even if I wanted to. Plus the whole driving on "not the right" side of the road thing, I think she does that just to annoy me. But there are the good parts and cozy and welcoming place she is, just check out this young woman enjoying the pleasures of basking in a morning London nap

The time finally comes for this sound pirate to sail away on the air ship. To the New World and far away as this part of the journey comes to an end.

Like floating on clouds, the smiling at an adventure well adventured,

Dave Rat