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Day 203 - Stockholm Show 2

What would be the perfect gift for a music fan that loves 70's rock in it's hey day? Hmmmm, what about, I know! A gingerbread Kiss!

And then he said "Hey, what is the worst thing that can happen?" spoken in a sarcastic tone and "Well, it cant get any worse" tossed out with some sort of authoritive presumption. I find to be statements curiously out of whack as I can't even begin to internally structure and comprehend various forms of the worst thing that really could happen and it can always get worse. I try and never forget it can always get worse, a lot worse no matter how bad it is. That is all beside the point though and nothing even close to the big pile of 'not so good' that turned out actually to be a bit amusing. It is more like Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Mr. Rabbit's hole while trying to get some honey. Not so good for the Pooh but still still a level of amusement while getting unstuck. Well, that is exactly what came to my mind when I saw this today;

It appears that there was a slight incompatibility involving the height of the truck and the door opening enhanced by the velocity traveled that caused a bit of a venue modification. Fortunately they were able to push Trucky the Pooh back out and in time for our last load out of the run. That truck has a shipping container on it that will hold gear for the boat ride home.

Speaking of home this is it. The last day at our far away home. Say bye bye to hotel home, Bye bye to gig hugger home, bye bye to little micro bus bunk home and hello to sleeping place that has a refrigerator larger than the television. Tomorrow we fly and today we say good bye. Goodbye to the pirate shit and fierce scoundrels of the open gig seas.

As this brings an end to our piratey adventure and a new theme will be discovered as we cross the seas to travel the new world. With that we head back to our final night in our luxurious carriage

Six hours till lobby call and 22 travel hours from then to get home, night night

Dave Rat