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Day 132 - Oct 2 - Boston Show Day

Quebec in all it's less than optimum-ness loaded out in an hour and 50 minutes. I hear that is one of the fastest load outs yet. Very cool and in the face of challenge, inspiration and motivation so often prevail.

**** Highlight of the Day ****

Today there were two highlights and they both came from JF.

First we have the ear to ear smiles of John playing the song "Your Pussy is Glued to a Building on Fire" from the roadies that have been around since Californication. Things have changed a lot since then and YPGTABOF brings back wonderful memories and realizations of the long road traveled.

Secondly, a huge and heartfelt "thank you" from JF to the road crew was really cool. On a tour of this size, even for the lengths of time we travel, meeting everyone is tough and with the work schedules and mixed with times that the band is at the gig, there are quite a few people with us that have little or no exposure to the band. The public appreciation is cool.

**** End Highlight of the Day ****


**** Issue of the Day ****

Man Down. Or more like "Soundman Down"

About a week ago soundman roadie Ronnie, phoned me and informed me that another friend roadie Hatter, is in the hospital. He had gone to he doctor for back pains and after a week or so of no improvement from pain killers, was scanned to find inflamed lymph nodes. Blood test showed cancer and he was admitted. Two weeks later he was dead. Surreal shock and perplexing confusion of exactly to react to something so unexpected. Distant and removed as it has been a while since I have seen him yet so close to home as it seems so natural that we would be crossing paths at another rock show that will never happen.

The observing,

Dave Rat

Day 131 - Oct 1 - Quebec City Show Day

See our happy little guy, at 75 degrees and 49% humidity we are pretty well set thermally for the gig though I would not complain if I could get another 5 degrees and over 65%.

I was able to grab a couple load out shots that give a bit better representation of the precarious nature of fork lift ramp loading.

Pretty much the main thing you want to avoid is having the forklift run over your foot. That and being crushed by a run away case is also a good thing to avoid.

As the end of the tour leg nears, the anticipation and acceleration of the state of mind of being home seems to take over. Counting down the days and one more to go!

**** Completely Unrelated Gratuitous Filler ****

Since Canada is really far from Australia, what better time to consider the Kangaroo.

**** End Unrelated Gratuitous Filler ****

The slow motion

Dave Rat