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Day 150 - Oct 20- Boston

We have already been here and now we are a back again where we were before so today should be the same except for the parts that are different.

**** Issue of the Day ****

Our beloved and very much needed band humans found themselves on the wrong side of a seven car pile up between NYC and the gig. The ensuing traffic jam left them far away as we anxiously awaited. Fortunately they were arrived in time to rock but not in time enough to play on time. The upside of the event was that Mars Volta played an extended set for us to enjoy.

Another upside was that Lampi Scott and I were left with way too much extra time on our hands to concoct mischievous plans.

**** End Issue of the Day ****

During that spare time we decided to dedicate our time wisely and contrive a grand master plan to solve all of our earthly problems. Well, at least some of the earthly issues or most accurately, one. Without question our unanimous vote of two resulted in addressing our most pressing trauma; "How are we going to finance the redecoration of the FOH mix world?" Hmmmm, primarily we will need cash, and lots of it, I figure five's and five's of dollars at least. Acquiring that kind of bankroll will be a challenge indeed. Shall we pan handle? Pick pockets? Sell our bodies? There must be a way we can easily and quickly generate the finances for this endeavor. Aha! Sell our bodies, perfect! And it was then we committed to do what any entrepreneurial 21st century roadie would do in this situation:

Aghast we were soon to realize that there was a serious flaw to our plan and after several minutes with no bites we began to rethink our strategy, yes people were seeing our ad for ad space:

But no takers. Argh! And that is when it dawned us, we need a bigger audience, we need go public, we need to, yes that is correct, go to Ebay.

Our Ad

And so a new adventure begins.

The curious as to what happens next.

Dave Rat