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Day 149 - October 19, Boston - Day Off

OK, today rocked just like yesterday! And who wants to hear tales of adventures to far away lands? Gather round for completely fictitious tale of:

**** Two Roadies Venturing ****

Once upon a time in a land far far away two great warrior roadies

bravely ventured off into the foreboding landscape drawn to the towering power of Mount Fuji.

The journey in which these roadies found themselves immersed took unsuspecting twists and turns that neither would soon forget. As they disconnected step by step and with each train ride farther up the mystical mountain their inner roadie began to emerge, with the help of a few Sapporo's of course

With their sights set upon spending the next three days in an authentic Japanese bath house, and these two particular roadies being of a western species, they were not quite sure what to expect. Apprehensions were raised early on when it was discovered that western roadies and other humans with certain colorings on their fur, often called tattoo's, are banned from entering public pools of water in many places throughout Japan. Roadie Dave Rat had experienced this several times previously at hotel pools much to his surprise. Roadie Scott lacks those particular markings but both still had the issue of being a western species to deal with.

For reasons unknown Roadie Rat had shorn all fur from his head with a face razor. Perplexing as it may seem, even to him as to where the inspiration originated, what was clear was that choosing 3 AM to do the shearing with a single razor was without question, less than optimum. Though no photo exists of roadie Rat with a half shaven head at the front desk of a Japanese hotel asking for more face razors, I am sure your mental eye can conjure up an image.

Upon arriving, the roadies were immediately instructed to shed their western attire and camouflage themselves as the local species, knowing all to well that Godzilla most likely lives nearby, the fierce roadies humbly obliged.

It was upon discovery of the peaceful steam that the clarity of the journey became distinct and roadie Rat has found what he was seeking, unfortunately he also immediately forget what it was.

What remained though was a mystical power over animals as roadie Rat displays here by gently picking up a wild pigeon for a kiss

One may wonder what would motivate two straight male roadies to venture to a secluded Japanese bath house together. One may also wonder what is to be seen in the bath house. Well if you look carefully below you can notice the edge of a very old solid copper tub with water so clear it appears empty. Also notice the wooden floors and hand made buckets, this was truly an awe inspiring location.

Returning to the tour was a tough re acclimation for the two roadies but spending those quality three days together really brought them closer together than ever.

**** End Two Roadies Venturing****

The still attempting to poke that last image out of my mental eye,

Dave Rat