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Day 163 - Grand Rapids

How cool is it that Peppers put audience and their crew in the new video? The song is Snow and speaking of snow, take a look out the window. That is known as cold snow and it is strange stuff that somehow knows how old you are. If you are a kid, it loves to be fun and play games but if you are older, it prefers to annoy you and tries to crash your car and loves to clog your driveway.

Today is our second to last show of this three week leg and the momentum of going home fills the air with a mixture of extra work and sleeping in our own beds soon. It feels good. Oh look, there is some sort of memo, who is this meant for? What does it mean? Should I read it or use it for scratch paper. Oh well, most likely does not concern me, nothing to see here, move along.

Whoa, hey what is this thing near the sound board? Hmmm, wonder what it is and why it is here? That is odd, usually this spot does not have one of these here.

Maybe I should roll it over to the sound board and keep beers in it. Oh well, probably just a decoration but it does look a bit suspicious. Uh oh, hey Nick, do you notice anything funny going on?

Good thing we covered the console in time.

"...and for tonight's evening news we are getting reports of a freak storm dropping a record snowfall mainly in central regions, FOH is reporting over 6 inches coming down in 3 minutes...."

and so occurred the third and last Peppers snowfall at FOH. Though the idea was solid and the audience reaction wonderful, a minor oversight realized ends the FOH storms. Ask yourself this: "Is it really worth the effect to create that much wasted paper?" Go green, bye bye fake snow, lesson learned and smiles abound.

The very happy our band is environmentally conscience,

Dave Rat

P. S. Rock shows use lots of batteries and another cool thing we just implemented is switching to rechargeable's in the "In Ear Monitor System." That alone save 30 AA cells a night! Very cool!