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Day 176 - Nov 15 - Home

eBay Auction Alert!!!!!, just in. there are issues with the Tiki decorational theme! Last minute changes still unraveling, will update you as soon as we know more.

**** Random Pondering ****

In my life, my experience has been that if I desire to achieve something and I stay focused on it, that inevitably over time, it will come to be. Though I do not always remember to do so myself, this concept somehow makes natural sense in a logical way, to me.

This morning I awoke pondering, slightly more clearly than before, that the world is filled with entities and organizations everywhere that offer or sell this exact concept in so many forms. Some offer a hand in guidance, while others choose to describe the methods so individuals can achieve their desired outcomes and yet others take on the form of powerful organizations that have hi-jacked it, branded it and and use fear to extort money from their believers. Regardless, the story remains the same. Pure, heartfelt focus on a direction or achievement will bring results over time, that is a given, in my opinion, like a natural law, like gravity. And just like with sound systems, anyone that claims that their way is the only way, is leading you their way not your way

People often ask me what type of sound system they should buy, even my dad, and invariably I give the wrong answer. Somehow the concept of "right" has crawled into the perceptions of sound when actually sound systems only come in forms of more and less desirable to each individual. Buy your sound systems just as you would buy your art. Buy something that you find aesthetically pleasing, buy something that fills the desired space. Spend according to your budget and desired quality, buy what makes you happy. The music that you choose to immerse your mind and the hardware chosen to reproduce it are as diverse as the clothes we choose to wear. Clothes is a good analogy. Most people are fine with the threads they purchase from a large chain store and add in a small bit of individuality with a mix and match. Others derive pleasure from seeking out the uncommon. Neither is better or worse and great music collection will be stunning through all, as beauty shines through. So when I said "wrong answer" I guess what I meant was that I do not give the answer that they want to hear.

Where as when it comes to putting systems big huge complicated rock shows, it is so much easier. Rather than being faced with tailoring sound to the complexities and demands of a perfectly unique individual, I am in the fairly straight forward position of pleasing the average. I can focus on the essentials rather than the idiosyncrasies and I shoot as high as I can at the clear 'window of sonic acceptability.'

Oh, do I sound like I miss road?

**** End Random Pondering ****

Adventure highlight.

If you are ever in Rio de Janeiro, I highly recommend jumping off of this cliff, with a hang glider of course and a local Brazilian in tandem helps too!

And when you land and look back up, wow!

The love to fly,

Dave Rat