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Day 186 - Nov 25 - Day off in Frankfurt

How about some holiday cheer in a German village? And if my home state governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger can refer to places like San Diego and and San Francisco as "towns and villages in cowleeforneeeah," I guess Frankfurt can definitely qualify as village, even if there are five million humans running around in the general area. So, for a change, Scott and I set on about the town to adventure and see what we find. Village? What a silly notion

Deciding what type of food to eat was tough. Hey Scott, what kind of food should we eat in Frankfurt? Well, even though we forgot to eat hamburgers in Hamburg, it looks like Frankfurters in Frankfurt is a go

More importantly though, if you are ever out this way, they make something called Gluhwien

Red wine, served warm, cinnamon spiced and I highly recommend it in anything less than high quantities, unless you like waking with a headache the size of Texas or so I was fortunately warned by Scott. Mmmmm, yumm! So we ate, drank and shopped

for useful items

That could come in handy. Another fun thing to do if you ever are out here is to avoid parking illegally. They don't mess around. This truck pulled up along side a 'mis-parked' car and we spotted it just getting airborne. By the time I got my camera out and snapped the pic it was on the truck and a few seconds later it was gone, truck and all.

**** Roadie Card Series #1, Card #3, Dave Lee ****

My goal for now is to present the 'Serious Six' consisting of roadies Scott, Dave Lee, Tracy, Chris Warren, Lyssa B and me. Hand selected by seniority which for some strange reason seems to also parallel the high eccentricity levels as well. I am not really sure if Peppers collect eccentrics or create them but either way, here is our next lovable roadie seen here studying the ways of modern pirating

And of course no good trading card comes without stats

Funny stuff? I think maybe I should print some up. Ha ha, I still have more surprises in store, not sure what they all are yet but some I do!

**** End Roadie Card Series #1, Card #3, Dave Lee ****

The loving Euroland,

Dave Rat