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Day 177 178- Nov 16 & 17 - Bye Bye Home

Today I get to jet far far away. You know the feeling of anticipation, stomach butterflies and excitement that makes time fly and adds momentum to your life? Just the thoughts of far away journeys, leaving it all behind and the curiosity about what will happen in distant lands can make the doldrums of life vanish. Well, I don't feel any of that, at least not yet. What is on my mind is "Oh boy, the sheer thrill of hauling 3/4 of a million pounds of gear through gray cold wet trudging European winter." Though the tour does culminate in the amazing and beautiful city of Stockholm, full of life and beauty, it is currently basking in darkness.We will be arriving there within two weeks of the winter solstice, the festive naturally occurring shortest day in the northern hemisphere. The day of depression that every major religion has plugged in a holiday to inspire clustering humans to celebrate. What this means to us roadies is that we will be in Stockholm when there is about five hours of daylight and the sun rises sometime after 9AM and sets before 3. Well at least it will be freezing cold. I should probably bring a jacket.

Now that I think about it, though, I love Sweden. Vikings are kind of like furry pirates with horns on their hats! Did you know that in Sweden they dug a big old viking boat out of the mud in bay and put it in a museum? The whole17th century ship is huge and is in near perfect condition. I guess some 'king guy' wanted the biggest boat ever, had it built spending way too much money and then they paddle it out into the harbor and it sinks. Too big, oopsy daisy. Imagine that, some dumb ass guy wanting to build the biggest toy he possibly can. Oh, and that reminds me, pretty soon I get to go play with the big huge sound system, hurray!!

Here is a booty shot of that big boat called the 'Vasa'

And here is the dreaded start to a Euro morning I have ahead

And the misery of a past Euro eve

And a giant spider in Bilbao Spain, where we are not going this time

The determined to enjoy the adventure,

Dave Rat