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Day 168 to 173 - Nov 7 to 12 - eBay Update Special

For those of you just joining us, here is a link to our ebay auction:

And the comments and questions:

The eBay auction exceeded our expectations beyond comprehension. It was announced on the radio in Portland and Northern California, it was a top pick on

easily squashing "the carrot that looks like Paris Hilton" selling for 15 times the price:

The bidding was fierce but a victor emerged and has staked his place in the history of mankind. The time line of : Weapons, Fire, The Wheel, Anti-Biotic's, The Telegraph, Advertising on a Roadie and Landing on the Moon will all surely forever be the markers by which mankind is judged.

The auction winner is George.

Not only is he the proud temporary owner of the Dave Rat and Scott backs for a yet undisclosed show, he also owns a sound company in Ontario, Canada called Crank Sound Distribution. Though I had no idea who the winner was till after the auction, here is an excerpt from an email I received from George in September:

"I have been involved in the audio & lighting business for almost 20yrs. Working with various outfits across the country. In 2003 I decided to start my own sound company & I could not be happier with that decision. I was partly inspired by you to do this & in particular by an interview you gave to Professional Sound magazine back in December of 2000. That magazine sits on my office desk to this day."

Other than the fact that helping to inspire people to follow their dreams and life passions is one of the most important things in the world to me, no big deal. I had a really hard time with accepting the payment from him but then the realization of how badly we need to redecorate as well as the importance of following through on agreements overruled and so ahead we sally forth into the future.

Sallying forth with a bit of a stumble that is. Unfortunately the bank did not recognize Scott the Lampi nor myself as Dave Rat neither Scott nor I had ID that matched Even after much pleading and showing of the blog, we were unable to cash the check causing a slight delay in the process. Since then we got it all straightened out and are ready to proceed with the adventure.

**** Begin Important Memo ****

Sent: Nov 11, 2006 9:58 AM
Subject: FOH crew memo

Attention All FOH Roadies:

First Please welcome roadie Lee to our FOH world as he will temporarily be replacing Nick the Fly for the upcoming Euro run.

As you all are aware, we will be changing out our FOH 'Autumn Motif' to a summer/tropical presentation for the upcoming leg. I realize this is a major undertaking and there are a few details that will need to be addressed.

1) At least for the early stages of the tour, tropical attire will be mandatory. If you are in need of bright flowery shirts, let me know and I can bring extras. Bermuda shorts and sandals are recommended.

2) As you are well aware we have a significant and extraordinary budget for the decorations nearly $300! Obtaining tiki items in london may pose a challenge, so please do your part by acquiring any relevant items and bring them with you. Keep your eyes out as this could be more difficult than you think.

Figure up to about $50 each should do it for solo buying and we will hopefully be hiring outside consultant Lyssa B for guidance with the remainder. Please forward any suggestions or ideas ASAP! In order to keep everyone in the loop and avoid cost over runs, it is imperative that you notify us of any billable purchases.

Do not forget to save your receipts and remember, the quality our FOH world is how we are judged, this is our FOH world, let's make something we enjoy and are proud of.

Oh, and as far as all that sound and lighting stuff, we can deal with that later.


The Front of House Management Authority

*** End Important Memo ****

Well there you have it. Looks like the hammer has come down and we have a plan. With the eBay auction reeling in a whooping $ 406 we were stunned and laughing. We of course provide full accounting, copies of all receipts, cancelled checks and such as this progresses but here is our preliminary budget:

Total income: $ 406

25% to Surf Rider Foundation: $ 101.50

eBay fees: $ 13.84

Miscellaneous surcharges and handling fees: $ 0.66

Leaving us $ 290.00 for our spending spree!

The ready to shop,

Dave Rat