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Day 314 - April 2 - Swim with Sharks

Still home but tomorrow I fly with humans in an aluminum tube. Talk about being the opposite of free, plane flying in just a modified air jail. Oh well, sacrifices made for the adventure received. We speaking of adventure and feeling free, how about a bit of a glimpse into a past adventure when Chad and I undertook a an adventure under with some swimmery friends. Hey, come on! Lets go hang with the sharks!!


Tomorrow I fly. Australia with smiles. May I recommend a something to to you all? Well if you said yes, then I recommend that somehow, someway at some point you find a way to adventure to a world of wonder and sunshine and if you are not sure where or which one, you can't go wrong with North Eastern Australia, or perhaps any part of Australia for that matter.

Ok, sleepy time with big eyes,

Dave Rat

PS, if the video does not work yet or says not available, try back in a bit. I gotta sleep and it should be done processing soon.