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Day 334 April 22nd - Auckland, The Rock Show

So I just realized that I skipped a blog of the last show of the tour and I had a few lonely pictures. Looks like Josh is going to be joining us on and off for more dates as well.

And Chad wearing my favorite jumpsuit for the grand finale

As each and every adventure eventually does, one thing is always for sure, it is bye bye time

Alone. Some people fear it, some savor it and whether you find it relaxing bliss or filled with anxiety, the fact remains that it is just a matter of perception and perhaps decision. And some alone's are better that others as I guess it really just depends on what is on your mind at the time.

Tomorrow I move my body home in airplanes so I can move my stuff in boxes so I can move the life I lived before I left to a new home. While the concept of moving excites me while the process fills me with dread. But I don't mind the dread because I am clear in the decision, so it just comes down to hacking away in the desired direction.

Dave Rat

Day 333 April 21st - Mini Blog, Bye Bye Ground, Hello Air!

Day 333 April 21st - Mini Blog, Bye Bye Ground, Hello Air!

So in an early morning excursion in time not lost, the decision was made to venture off. Strong presentations with hidden reluctance. The shells of confidence surrounding internal hidden apprehensions unspoken. And off we go to experience the sensation of basking in pure gravitational pull. Roadie jump off the bridge!

Dave Rat

Day 333 April 21st - Show 1 - Time to Rock in New Zealand!

Before I even made onto the arena floor, Fletch walks by with smile and says "you are going to have fun tonight!" in his semi sarcastic gruff smirking way. Huh? "You'll see." he says and off he goes. Fletch is a Rigger. Fletch has been around a long long time and though Fletch is sarcastic, it was not 30 steps more before I understood. And yes folks, we have a live one. Every once in while you come across a venue that thinks sound should be more like the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going and going. There is a train station in Chile, a building on the fairgrounds in San Diego, an airplane hangar in Germany that hold some top honors for venues with less than optimum acoustic aspects. Today though is not near as bad as those, it is clear that before even the first note comes through the sound system, from just the sound of typical background noise of a load in, that it is not near as good as the typical arena's we have been running into. Oh well, as usual, I try my best not to overly concern myself with issues that are beyond my control and focus on the things I can.

Today's special feature is none other that the much loved, by us, and often misunderstood, by people more serious about keeping the music they see within certain boundaries, I present the very cool to hang ot with and fun and funny to watch, Har Mar Superstar.

For all of you out there that have ever felt the slightest tinge of stage reluctance, Har Mar Superstar can swat that out of your mind as bold as bold can be, it is hard not to smile

And also rocking with them is Tony Bevilacqua

on Bass who I know from when he played guitar in for the The Distillers and Fabrizio Moretti

who you may recognize from the The Strokes. And never forget to be serious because otherwise you will end up having fun!

**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

So I was faced with an option a few months back. "Dave, there is not enough V-Dosc in New Zealand to do the double hung PA, would you rather go to single hung clusters or use a non-V-Dosc double hung rig?" Hmmm, what do we got a choice of? "Well, Oceana has a enough Meyer Milo there to double hang and they have always been a great vendor on past tours." Then there you have it, we stick with the vendor we like, and go double hung Meyer, besides, I got to hang out with Buford Jones a few months ago when he came to visit me on Peppers tour and he is all about Meyer and I like Buford!

So on Meyer I mix and it went pretty well and was happy enough to use the rig again, I did miss my V-Dosc though and sorry I did not get a better system photo for ya.

**** End Sound Nerd Speak ****

And a Peppers pic to finish out the day,

Stay tuned for more flying roadies tomorrow, we have a plan to fly from high places!

Dave Rat

PS, I really love the comments and they inspire me to stay focused on the blog and appologize for not responding, but I will!!