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Day 326 - April 14 - Bikes and Biters

I am really good at some things and hey, not so good at a whole bunch of others. One of the things I am good at but you may not have noticed is vanishing. Not the see through clear kind called invisible but instead the total immersion into whatever project or adventure is at hand. For the most part I try and "parallel project" my life because in the long term that seems to be more compatible with not heading backwards yet the occasional letting go does help me rebalance. I guess you can just look at it as an un announced vacation. For all that were worried about me, well, don't worry! Even if I did meet some trecherous demise, there is not much you could have done about it anyway. Besides, you all that have been been joining me, should know me well enough by now to know that I play it safe and maintain a high level of caution at all times. Which is why the decision to ride a motorcycle out to a go diving with sharks was high on my list of adventures.

So off we head

To Sea World for a dive in a shark tank with sharks of course

Though being in a shark cage no way compares to last time where we we unprotected, we still had a great time, as you can see by our smiling faces

And as it so often is, the highlight of the adventure was unexpected as our aquarium friends took us back stage to see giant polar bears up close in cages. Big, furry and deceptively sweet giant puppy dog looking polar bears that would just as soon eat like chiken wings us as take a nap. No photos back stage so words will have to suffice. The sheer awe and quiver in the voices of animal handlers as they describe the the predatory ways of the bears and recount horrific events both seen in training and observed in person left no room for doubt that these immense animals are not to be taken lightly.

Next stop, the backstage seal quarters and we met a few biters. In fact one handler was bitten just this morning by a seal named MoFo who likes to poke his head out the feeding hole and take a bite out of passers by. I was informed of this as I had my back up near the opening so I took a step forward. And off to see the dolphins to pet and feed. So friendly and cool, big eyes and you can see the smarts.

What better way to end the day than a rock show? None better that is so off we go to our office we call an arena to meet up with 10,000 of our best friends

And while the show rocks on, I often wander off for one reason or another beyond the confines of the front of house roadie cage. I like to hear the sound in various places and make sure all is well an happy and I found myself here and look

It's John! And so completes another day far away. As I play catch up.

Dave Rat