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Day 332 April 20th - Welcome to New Zealand

And welcome we felt. I love New Zealand and just because I love it here does not mean I love any other places any less. Unique and beautiful and not unlike how I love my daughters and my friends and family or love both sushi and mexican food, each lovable entity is wonderful in it's own right. Speaking of Mexican food, how about a visit over to the Taqueria that Grier and two friends own. So off we head on a mission for Mexican food about as far from Mexico as we can be.

Next order of business, hmmm, rumor has it that you can jump off the big huge space needle thing across the street.

So Cliff and I head over to check it out and I must admit I was a bit nervous about the endeavor but then the enlightening words of Gibby Haynes echoed through my mind as I hear the song Sweat Loaf in my head. "Daddy, what does regret mean?" asks the child's voice during the song's intro. "Well, son" Say Gibby quite fatherly, "It is better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done, and by the way, when you see your mom this weekend, tell her, SATAN SATAN SATAN!"

The wisdom of this sensei like advice dawns on me clearly and being that I desire not to wish the space needle the ill will's of the prince of darkness, I decided it best to leap of the edge and look back on this day as hopefully remembering something fun. Actually, to be honest, all that is just an glorified excuse and the true motivating factor was the opportunity to wear one of these quite fashionable outfits

So up we head to high places and with bravery in my heart, I fearlessly and boldly prepare to leap

Over the edge while doing my best to navigate a a landing on the target with which I have no control as I have past the point of no return bye bye

And with the utmost of elegance and cat like ease, I transcend to a near perfect landing on my feet bull's eye and for the most part things seemed to go pretty well though perhaps a bit faster of a landing than I had anticipated.

And though that was fun, I think we can do better, Stepping off into thin air was battle between my mind convincing my body that it is ok and body saying "Nooooooooo!" Tomorrow we get to do a rock show for a change, see you then and rumour has it that there are some more thrilling jumps to do, I am scared just thinking about it, cause ya know I am a bit of a sucker for peer pressure when it comes to fear challenges.

Dave Rat

Day 331 April 19th - Swimming in Sydney

Merging time slipped worlds I am in North Hollywood, tomorrow I head out to the desert to hang out at Coachella, a large rock festival about 3 hours east of Los Angeles and not only is Rat Sound is providing PA Systems for all five stage, I am also mixing the headline act on saturday, guess who? Oh, the Red Hot Chili Peppers of course. Anyway, I will blog that adventure when the time comes but in the mean time, close your eyes and let your mind slip backwards in time to April 19th. We are in Sydney Australia and the sunshine is turned on as are the waves and beaches and general happiness of humans.

I have friends in Sydney! And every time I come to town, they are awesome and take care of me. A boat ride

in the harbor makes for a terrible day

And dinner with magic friends

intermixed in the blur of days that whisk by in a flash intermixed with rock shows

and cool tunes

Swimming and running and friends and wine and vegetate toast and happy not being predictable and a few tiny roller coaster bumps and I would not trade these memories for the world. The merging of worlds, as the barriers wash away and today is a great day in a string of wonderful days that were overwhelming enough that I went away and hence, my bloggery delay. Ya know, I could live here and be happy, but wait, I am already happy. Hmmm, ok, I could live here and be also happy. Hugs for all my far away friends that I love and hugs love so strong it is timeless!

No hugs for the cactus though and no hugs for burning hot coals with dancing flames and no hugs for polar bears either, even though they all share the common trait of appearing desirable to touch and just like it looks like walking on the puffy clouds outside the plane window is a fun idea , these are all things I will restrain myself with and attempt to enjoy with my eyes. Mostly and speaking of walking on clouds and imagining the way it would feel to attempt that adventure of plummeting through, I have an idea! How about we do a special bloggery feature all about launching roadies off of high places? I think that is a great idea, I will work on it.

The always happiest when I blindly follow what I feel,

Dave Rat