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Day 320 - April 8th - Gig fly Gig

Back to back gigs with a flight in the middle is a bit of gruel.

Quite a few fried roadies. With a bunch of the crew getting out at 2 am or so and up at 4:30 am to make the 6 am flight just to land and spend the whole day at a tourbus-less gig really can take the sparkle out the step of the road crew. Add to that the awkwardness of setting up in this un conventional one truck at a time venue and it made for a long but not a bad day.

**** Issue of the Day ****

Look! The lampi's somehow have decided to convert the sub woofers into light stands. Arrgh!

Actually, it is all good and you got to do what you got to do to make things work.

**** End Issue of the Day ****

Now that josh is out with us and pretty much the official 5th Pepper for this run, it is time to bring him fully into the fold and get him his very own custom designed road cases to keep his gear protected and safe in the travels. Here you can see Dave Lee showing off the latest addition to our travel gear

Though wedging the show in here was tough, it really does look cool. Sound wise I am good as well, I do miss the dual hang PA clusters but hey, there is a time a time and a place for everything and this mini rig is working just fine.

Alright, no load out, two more shows here after a day off tomorrow, awesome! Oh, and Scott says we need to go feed bananas to the possums in the park tonight. Ooooooh!

Dave Rat