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Day 39 - Overnight from Ipswitch to Coventry - Day Off

I say "day off" as it pertains to me. Being that Roadies are a highly developed and specialized species, each performs a unique task with unique challenges. Many will be at the venue site today with a long day and lots to be done hanging things, moving things around with wheels, and wiring wires, lots and lots of wires! Roadies love wires. They carry wires everywhere. You would be surprised how many pretty wires Roadies have. Huge collections of of them in different sizes, lengths, colors. I would say that if there is one unifying factor amongst Roadies, it would be their love of having lots of wires. The love of wires goes so deep that Roadies have been known to go into a rage if certain wires get an "owie" and have to go to a the wire doctor. Without wires, Roadies would not come and we all know that without Roadies, no rock show.

**** Begin Blast Into The Past ****

Here are few pics from Peppers playing in Moscow Aug 14th 1999. I think there was 200,000 or so people there for the free show, you can see the stage off to the left.

And the stage during show time:

See ya tomorrow!