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Day 41- Show Day Reading, UK

Football stadium 3 of 5. Delay clusters are in a better spot and that makes me happy.

**** Roadie Research Section ****

With silence and stealth I creep slowly into the inner realm of the Roadie Domain known as 'Backstage.' Few humans trek these forbidden lands and as I delve deeper into the inner workings I am astonished to behold a rare sight indeed. It has been known for some time that Roadies are attracted and cluster around "TeeVee" but look! Here two Roadies have obviously discovered a a Shangri La of TeeVees and are observing intently. Notice the variant sizes of TeeVees plus there seems to be some sort of control mechanisms with which they are interacting. Of course we also see the multitude of wires with which these Roadies have clearly decorated their shrine. Roadie George and Roadie Jerry are rumored to control visual images seen.

One must always be alert! Though I try not to interfere with natural balance of the domain a catastrophe nearly occurred when Roadie Grier attempted to enter an unsafe area:

**** End Roadie Research Section ****

So here is !!! and though I was a bit apprehensive the first time I saw them, I must admit I am beginning to like their music and energy and they are doing a damn good job of holding up in a stadium as it is tough on any band to play in daylight on a huge stage. It is also cool that Peppers go out of their way to select cool upcoming bands that they like and give them the giant break of a lifetime.

And Ben Harper, one of my favorite artists/bands, amazing slide guitar, awesome band and everyone in the Ben Harper camp is super cool! If you are unfamiliar with BH, got get "Fight for Your Mind" CD and listen with headphones. I love just about everything he does but FFYM is a good starting place.

And if ya turn around and look the other way before all the people finish coming in, you will see:


Dave Rat

**** Begin undecipherable secret code ****