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Day 53 - London, Earl's Court Arena Show Day #2

I was pondering the World Cup games and then pro sports in general. You have all the players and usually they are the best in the world. Each with their own assets and capabilities and then their combined harmony, the necessity that they work together and that they rely upon each other, adds a new dimension. When one team is pitted against another, the nuances of skill are amplified and their focused energies splashed to reveal a victor. But then tomorrow, the same teams could play and the outcome could be completely different, even if nothing is changed and no two games are ever identical. It is this unpredictability, this amplification of detail and the anticipation of the outcome that makes pro sports alluring.

In many ways large rock shows are like professional sports games. Except the dynamics are different On one team we have the band and the road crew. On the other team we have the venue, the weather, the local ordinances and police. The goal is for the road crew to overcome all the naturally occurring obstacles in each city so the band can rock and connect with the audience. If successful, the audience is immersed in a joyous state and is left with an unforgettable memory.

Sounds like we could make it into video game!

Do you remember sign boy? "John I want to play your guitar." Well his name is Nicolas and he was here tonight. He stopped by FOH and I asked him how it turned out and as you can tell by the picture below, he is still having difficulties getting over the whole traumatizing experience:

Either that or he raging on an air guitar. And yes, he actually did get to play John's guitar! And like many things in life, things that seem less than good often times turn out to be really cool in disguise:

Side stage shot of !!! whom have become friends and are great to hang out with:

Check out what landed in mix world! At least Robin did not come crashing in from above like that cup of beer did. I will have to come up with improved protection from airborne entities. And as long as no one smuggles in a catapult, most likely it will just continue to be flying drinks rather than humans. Though now that I think about it, back in the punker days, I did see quite a few humans launching them selves from high places.

And for a change, how about a picture of the rock show: