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Still Day 49 **** Roadie Research Segment Special Edition ****

Fact or Fiction, Do Roadies truly love wires?

I am sure you have all heard that Roadies adore wires, not unlike the way a monkey loves bananas. Is this true? Is this just another stereotype like the one about Roadies loving stickers? Join me for a behind the scenes look at "The mystery of Roadies and their Wires."

Silently and graciously I glide out of sight, wrapped in a cloak of fear I pursue my dangerous quest to unravel mythical secrets. Stumbling across what I believe to be a Roadie Wire Shrine, I bask in awe of the discovery, yet not a single Roadie in sight. Could this be a naturally occurring phenomenon or were roadies toiling here in the not so distant past? We may never know the answer to this and many other quandaries of the ages:

But wait, notice the coffee cup, possibly a sign that roadies do indeed inhabit this region of the rock forest.

As I move deeper into the underbrush, disappointingly I spot yet another even more intricate but abandoned wire temple. Not unlike the mysteries of the great pyramids, little is known about what motivates them to build these elaborate creations. Have I unearthed a sacred prayer ground? Did aliens assist them in the construction? Is this some sort of roadie nest used to attract a mate? How many roadies does it take to screw in a light bulb? The mystery deepens.

My heart stops as I freeze in my tracks! Avoiding the risk of being seen and the roadies scurry off, I hold my breath, ever so slowly raising my camera to capture the moment. Modern science once again takes a great step forward as these roadies are documented constructing a shrine. Notice how they work together as a group. Their admiration for wires is seemingly endless:

This roadie Tracy displays a sense of elation, he clearly enjoys this wire and can not hold back his joy:

Some roadies take their wires more seriously than others, Roadie Nick the Fly admires his wires with reverence:

One thing I have now learned is that a roadie can never be close enough to wires, Roadie Lee "wire hugging":

A very unusual discovery. Spotted here are Roadies Manny and Neil enjoying something other than wires. They appear to be involved in some sort of construction.

Dare I ponder that roadies may have built the great pyramids? Stonehenge? The Moon? Stay tuned for next week's "Roadies and the Other Things They Like Besides Wires, A special feature."

This is Dave Rat, on the scene capturing all the details like a net with relatively small holes, stay tuned.